Understand your curls better: A complete guide to different type

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‘Life is too short to have boring hair!’ And curls are anything but boring! It doesn’t matter if the curls are soft, coily or voluminous, they are absolutely gorgeous and unrivalled! This is why Hollywood beauties Shakira and Beyoncé to Bollywood’s lady superstar Kangana Ranaut, have never shied away from flaunting their beautiful curls. Have you ever wondered what makes your hair curly or wavy or straight? Well your curls are the result of the disulphide bonds between the hair proteins present in the hair shaft. If the distance between the two sulphur atoms in the same protein is long it will cause your hair to bend thus giving rise to curls. The number of disulphide bonds determines how curly your hair will be, so the higher the disulphide bonds kinkier the curls and lower the disulph

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