How to Protect Curls

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Hi, Curlies! How is your CG journey coming along? And, now that you’ve found the path to achieving gorgeous, natural curls, we’ve jotted down a few pointers for you to maintain and handle your precious curls during the course of your daily lives! 1. Sleeping with curls: You’ve slayed the day and your curls stayed intact! But it’s time to hit the sack and you’re wondering how to preserve them without having to wake up to a head full of frizz. Worry not, we’re here to help. Here is a list of quick tips to keep your curls in place overnight: The Pineapple – This method is as delightful as the fruit itself and even works as a curly hairdo! Simply flip your dry hair over and secure it into a very high yet loose ponytail with a satin or fabric scrunchie to avoid breakage. If your hair is too

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