Deep conditioning for curly hair

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Good Day, Curlies! How are your luscious ringlets doing? Have they been feeling particularly dry or lack-lustre lately? We’re here to help and dish the deets on a tried and tested recovery method – Deep Conditioning! What is Deep Conditioning? As the name implies, Deep Conditioning a.k.a DC, is simply a way to quench and hydrate your curls to keep them looking alive and feeling bouncy. Deep Conditioning can be done once a week or fortnightly based on your hair texture and porosity. It is not just a quick-fix for dry hair, it also helps repair your cuticles to ensure healthier and well-moisturised hair in the long run. Is Deep Conditioning for everyone on the CG method? The answer to that is rather subjective. If your hair feels moisturized and manageable you may not need it as much as o

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